Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! Who are you?
Howdy, I am Paden and I am TalonHawk Cosplay!

What do you do?
I’m a dad, programmer, gamer, and cosplayer who loves to share his work and passion with the world.

Can you build something for me?
Sorry, but at the moment we are not taking commissions. We’d love to help teach you about the ways you might approach your project though.

Can I book you for my show/promotion job/project?
Sure thing! Contact us and we can talk about it!

Can I get an interview for my website/magazine/podcast?
Sure thing, just drop us a line on our contact page.

Can your review my product/material/shop?
We’d love to take a look at it but won’t promise to write a good review if we don’t like what you’re sending us. We only recommend what we think is a good product, no matter if you offer us money or not.

Do you sell your costumes?
Not at the moment. We might in the future.

Which conventions will you visit?
We mainly visit cons in Texas,Anime Matsuri is one of the larger ones, at the moment but are always looking for a new Con.

Which materials do you use for your costumes?
We use EVA foam, leather, pleather, fabric from local store, leds, and whatever else we find we need. At the moment we are trying new materials and will be posting videos covering our progress.

Can you show me how to make costumes and props?
We are working on offering patterns as we go through projects and are creating tutorials for our Patreon patrons and YouTube visitors. Check out our social media accounts for all that we release. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon.

Where can I buy good materials?
We always shop around using local stores, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and good ol’ Google-sensei.

Can you come to my favorite convention?
I’d love to try, let us know what con it is and we’ll see if we can come out!

Are you a professional Cosplayer?
We are still learning, just as all cosplayers are, and get better with each new costume. We’re not professionals in the way of selling finished products but try to be professional in all we do.

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